Linksys wrt54g find ip address

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Remember to use ethernet connection when you login to your router to change settings, this way you ensure that the changes are put in place and no data is lost. If the default login IP address does not work, consider going for a hard factory reset so you can configure your modem. Username and admin password: Default IP login address: Technical Support for Linksys is an online technical service provider. We deal in providing complete troubleshooting assistance for some of the most complex router issues.

We also deal in providing software solutions for internal software conflicts and driver failures. We at Technical Support for Linksys understand the dependency of users on these router machines, that is why we try to provide the complete solutions in record time to the callers.

Our services are renowned for its efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness. Our prices are best in class among the online service providers. The team of engineers we possess at technical Support for Linksys is the reason for a smile for hundreds of customers.

These router engineers have great experience in providing technical services to the users. These services provided come with service warranty period too, which lasts anywhere from months.

How to Setting up Static IP Mode on Linksys Wireless Router

So, if your router machines malfunctions during this period, our engineers will fix it for you free of cost. Access denied Connect request failed The router is rejecting your connection; the router can be accessed on the network. Try to reboot your router, repairing your network interface or, according to some tutorials, change your IP address to If you get this error, the router is unable to recognize your. BIN firmware make sure you DO have a. BIN firmware. You will then be able to access the Web GUI and flash your router again.

If the router isn't pingable anymore, there is little else you can do, but using a JTAG cable. For a pin-out see OpenWRT wiki. The act of writing flash consumes more power than reads, so a marginal power supply may support probes and reads, but will fail at writes. I presume the marginal power supply called the original flash failure.

If you do not have a CFE. BIN file, you can find a repository of them here. Example: If the printger address is d, then et0macaddr is d and il0macaddr is d Author: Murrkf Note 6: Is your router bricked? Make sure your computer hardware, especially your lan cable are working properly. Make sure your network adapter is working. Check your router power supply. Not sure if that can help with firmware problems but did you try to reset it to factory defaults pressing reset button for 30 seconds or something like that so the IP come back to default one?

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Obtaining Router IP - DD-WRT Wiki

Viewed 43k times. The problem is I forgot what that number was. Is there some program or script that can find it out? Hennes Are you sure that on a ricked router there is an FTP-server still running? From that page: If you still receive no response, the IP address may have been changed from the default.

Disconnect all other machines from the router and run arp in a command window to find out what the IP address is: arp -a You should receive a response from the router even if it is on a different subnet than your computer. It seems like you should start at this section: Specifically, here are the steps to see whether you have a brick and need to jtag or use a serial cable : It tells you standard IP addresses to ping and how to reset if you aren't successful.

Good Luck. Hard resets will not remove dd-wrt from your router!

The power LED flashes very fast. If it keeps on flashing longer than 2 minutes, without having lit up the other LED's, then a defective bootloader is present. However, if you can ping In this case the Bootloader is intact and only the kernel firmware is defective. In this case Bootloader and Kernel firmware are intact, only a wrong configuration from locked up the router. Don't do mtd erase linux!

Power the router on with a continuous ping running in a command window: ping -t -w 2 Plug in your router and hit send, if you get a "can't send" message, hit ok and try sending again. As long as you have a manual IP address on the same subnet as your router, and your router is pingable, it should eventually go through reboot the router if you can't send for more than a minute.

When the send is successful, you should see a progress bar as the file is sent. Wait approximately two minutes, and your router should become accessible. In the following example, we assume that your router IP address is Your computer has an address on the IP segment 1, ie A network cable is correctly connected to your router.

To flash the router using Microsoft Windows: Open a command prompt. Change to the directory containing the original Linksys firmware to use for this boot, or the DD-WRT firmware you want to install, whose size must be less than 3 MB this example assumes that the firmware file name is code. Then enter the following commands: arp -s Notes: The -i specifies binary transfer mode. The transfer will fail if you don't specify this.

Start the command and then power up the router.

Obtaining Router IP

There is no indication of any transfer until it is complete. When you're using Mbps full duplex mode, it will go much faster. After the transfer is complete, wait minutes for the image to be written to flash. Provided you have followed these steps correctly you should notice that the router will eventually reboot, in some cases it will require a power cycle however if you power cycle wait at least 10 minutes to be sure the flash writing has occurred before you pull the plug.

2.Login to the Linksys WRT54G Router

This is important. If this does not happen go no further, go back and fix this. If not then check your cable. A bricked router is a router that you can no longer communicate with through wireless or wired connections. It will give no response. Just because a router doesn't seem to be fully working, doesn't mean it is bricked. Most of the time when we refer to a bricked router, we mean that it is not responding to a wired connection and needs a jtag or serial cable to fix it.

A brick will normally not respond to pings at all. Often, all the lan lights and the power light are lit when a router is bricked, even those with no cable in the lan port. If you can get your router to respond to pings, there is hope. This is the best time to start the TFTP transfer. See note 11 about how to flash. Timing can be tricky.

If reply has TTL of 64, the operating system firmware i. Linux, dd-wrt is responding.